Readability Favorites

**Contributors:** kanedo
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**Author:** Gabriel Bretschner
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**Tags:** Readability, Favorites, Links, weekly, daily, Linkpost
**Requires at least:** 3.0
**Tested up to:** 3.3.1
**Stable Tag:** 1.0

This plugin generates a blog post of your favorit Readability links. You can decide wether it should post automatically every day, every week, or you can generate this by hand.

## Description

You want to publish and share all these links you found last week and saved in Readability? Now you can!

The only thing you have to do is connect to Readability and the rest will be done for you.

This plugin uses the OAuth PHP Library ([]( which is under the MIT Licence

## Installation

* copy the readability-favorites directory into your plugins directory
* activate it in the WP Backend
* go to the settings page (Settings -> Readability Favorites)
* configure the plugin and connect with Readability
* Enjoy!

## Requirements

In order to install this plugin you need the [cUrl PHP extension]( .

## Screenshots

![Settings Page]( „The settings page. Here you can configure the plugin“)
1. The settings page. Here you can configure the plugin

* added a preview of the next upcoming post

## Download
You can download this plugin in the [Wordpress Plugin Directory](